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Do your DS R/L buttons "click"?


Starman DX
I just found this out, but mine do, they always have, and it's kind of annoying. Nathan's however, does not at all. Both are the exact same hardware revision (aparently).

Recently, my R button has stopped making good contact (doesn't hit right, or hits for a few times), and it leads me to believe it may have something to do with this... so how many of you have "clicky" ds's?
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Starman DX
+1 to clicky.
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Starman Super
no clicky.


Starman Super
My left trigger clicks louder then my right trigger. It probably just has to do with the amount of tear it's received.
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Starman Super
Mine's still clicky... a little worn down, but still clicky!
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Starman Jr.
My right shoulder button now squeaks.

I dont know if its always been there, but it's annoying :|


Starman Jr.
have you been playing in the rain?
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Starman Jr.