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Check out the tracklisting for the TH: American Wasteland OST


Starman DX
These are the original songs that will be on the soundtrack, I'm assuming. Lots of other licensed tracks.

My Chemical Romance - "Astro Zombies"
Fall Out Boy - "Start Today"
Taking Back Sunday - "Suburban Home / I Like Food"
Thrice - "Seeing Red / Screaming at a Wall"
Alkaline Trio - "Wash Away (Beneath the Shadows)"
Rise Against - "Fix Me"
Thursday - "Ever Fallen In Love"
Drop Kick Murphy's - "Who is Who"
Saves the Day - "Sonic Reducer"
Senses Fail - "Institutionalized"
From Autumn To Ashes - "Let's Have A War"
Emanuel - "Search & Destroy"
The Bled - "House of Suffering"
Hot Snakes - "Time to Escape

The noteable ones in particular, are some new MCR, TBS, FOB and a new Saves the Day track! I can't wait to hear it. The cd could definitely do without the ever so generic Thrice however.
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Starman Jr.
While I may have to disagree with the fact that you limited the description "generic" to only one band in this list, it is regrettable that Thrice will be butchering such quality source material. I can accept the fact that there will be yet another shitty Misfits cover coming from this mess but people should leave Minor Threat alone.


Starman DX
They're all covers...
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Starman Super
Yep, they are all covers... managed to get this OST a week back, and there's only a few songs I really like (MCR especially), but other than that, it's pretty dull.

01. Senses Fail - Institutionalized 03:50
(Suicidal Tendencies)
02. Taking Back Sunday - Suburban Home / I Like Food 01:56
03. My Chemical Romance - Astro Zombies (Misfits) 02:13
04. Emanuel - Search and Destroy (The Stooges) 03:22
05. Saves The Day - Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys) 03:03
06. Dropkick Murphys - Who Is Who (Adolescents) 01:22
07. Thrice - Seeing Red/Screaming At A Wall 02:33
(Minor Threat)
08. The Bled - House of Suffering (Bad Brains) 02:24
09. Hot Snakes - Time To Escape (Government Issue) 01:47
10. Fall Out Boy - Start Today (Gorilla Biscuits) 02:03
11. Alkaline Trio - Wash Away (T.S.O.L.) 03:28
12. Thursday - Ever Fallen In Love (Buzzcocks) 02:52
13. From Autumn To Ashes - Lets Have A War (Fear) 02:49
14. Rise Against - Fix Me (Black Flag) 00:55

there's the tracklist with the name's of the bands they covered and the length of the songs. Oooooo. :P
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