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jesus christ
war games
WoW apology
WoW Satan
WoW Orgrimmar


Starman Jr.
me laugh cartoon much funny
"when I think about my DS, I touch myself"


Starman Jr.
Thats a good name for a Nintendog...but you'd never be able to fit it into the 7 character space they give you to write the dogs name :|

And you can torture your just have to get creative :)


Starman Jr.
VG Cats' take on Animal Crossing


Starman DX
Man that guy is fantastic at drawing hilarious expressions. I love how he even used the same "hahahah" from Animal Crossing :)
"Hey, you! If you meet a beautiful, seductive woman who's looking for me, tell her 'hi.' Anyway, I don't think a woman like that would be looking for me." -Guy in Fourside Hotel